To Contact Us:

We prefer to be contacted through email:

Please write "Babydolls" on the subject line to make sure it gets read. (Communication through email helps me stay better organized than talking by phone.)

Our Location:

We live in southwest Missouri in the Springfield area.

Farm Visitors:

After numerous requests, our family decided that in order to maintain our "quiet lifestyle" we would limit visitors (wanting to see our sheep and farm) to those coming to pick up lambs they have purchased.  I hope you will understand.  All buyers are welcome to see our sheep, our fencing, pastures, and facilities when they come for their lambs. 

My hope is that this website will give everyone a good idea of what Babydoll sheep look like, what can be expected, and the care involved, in a way that is convenient for everyone.  If you have further questions, or want to see something that is not pictured, please write me.  Also, if you are traveling through the Springfield, MO area, there is a park there that has free admission and has some Babydoll sheep on display (at the time of this writing).

Newborn Twins Babydolls Grazing